Picnic by the dam in Haarties.

The blog is up! After taking a much needed break, I am happy to announce that I am officially back. It is important to disappear to work on filling up your cup in order to pour out to the next person. I’m not going to dwell much on my break but I thought I should do a “Currently I am” post so you can get which space I’m currently on. without further ado … CURRENTLY I AM

BACK : Officially!! I took an unexpected 7 months break from blogging shortly after I hosted my site, yol probably thinking ” who does that” but I did. The plan was to host my site and blog consistently but things don’t always go as planned. As much as one can plan and think that they have everything together, it might not be the right time for things to happen, God always has other plans for you and all you have to do is trust.

HEALING : I lost my mom on the 03rd of JULY and I am not okay, I will talk about it one day just not right now. I lost my world, my best-friend and my reason to push forward. I always have to put on a switch every time I leave the house because I don’t want to look like how I feel which is numb with an excruciating pain in my heart EVERYDAY but I am taking it day by day and trusting the process.

ADJUSTING : To life without my mother, its tough but I am a firm believer of Christ and his plans. I rest easy knowing he knew me before I was even born so he knows the solution before the problems and all I have to do is trust him.

RESTING : as much as I can, I’m not flat lining my priorities in the process but I am providing myself with equal amounts of rest.

MOVING FORWARD : with my Life but I’m not ready to move on as it still feels like my mom is coming back. I am not letting her passing pause my Life in anyway as I know she wouldn’t want that for me.

That’s it for today – Thank you for stopping by, please don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and what kind of space you’re currently in.

All love,